For couples who are looking for some added spice, something different, and a simulated experience that you can enjoy together. A Female and Male masseur to indulge you.

Teaching for Couples:

  • A personal session for Couples to learn the key principles and art of a sensual tantric massage.
  • A Women’s Sensual massage is for women who are looking for that extra touch and sensuality in a massage, prepared to move beyond the boundaries and into some sensual pleasure. This is a full body relaxing massage artistically designed first to ease any stiffness and tension from your body so you can fully appreciate the relaxation and pleasure from sensual massage techniques. This massage experience will provide you with a calming journey that will take you those serene and pleasurable areas within the confines of your own imagination.

The massage moves slowly and explores the various erogenous points on your body. I firstly find and work on your sore and knotted muscles before moving onto the chakra regions and sensual zones.

This massage is a very different and unique experience.

The blend of organic and natural oils provides a soft lubricant to stroke, stretch, and stimulate muscles, chakras, and sensual zones. The music provides the ambience to allow your mind to lead you in your journey.

You choose the length of your journey with how long you want to book for.

Many people are new to this concept and experience, and my style of massage will provide you with your own unique journey into relaxation, sensuality, and pleasure.
The massage experience will take and guide you through a range of emotions and sensations which normally start with:

  • your curiosity to engage in this experience,
  • your nervousness or anxiety with making the plunge,
  • feeling calm and relaxed once you have met me and the massage begins
  • to the arousal, excitement, and pleasure the massage will provide.

The massage and the variety of techniques I utilise are designed to provide a different type of orgasmic experience, that for some women may be new and unique.

Why Have a Massage?

Women both in and out of relationships have enjoyed this type of massage. Women in relationships who may need more sensual stimulation benefit from this type of massage whilst maintaining fidelity. Women in no relationship who just want to satisfy or explore their own sensual needs also benefit from this type of massage without any complications or commitments.

First Time?
Never Had this type of Massage Before?

That’s o.k.
Join the many others who have indulged in this experience.
The aim is to allow you to be relaxed and bring awareness to the enjoyment of your body.
The essence of the service is a massage, an art of instilling relaxation and stimulating a range of natural and pleasurable feelings within the extent of your imagination.

All my clients to date came as their first time, from all walks of life, and from different life situations.
Let yourself go and give yourself a treat, even if it is to just experiment.

One hour, 90 minutes, or two hours. Times are flexible. Location London. I am based in the Westminster and Central London.

To Suburbs but can travel to a variety of locations around the city and across the suburbs.
I operate as a single independent maseusse so my overheads are low and there are no inflated prices.

A service for men of all ages and situations, local City of London as well as Visitors to London .
Sensual and stimulating massages for men.

Have you Visited this Site Before?

Well now that you have had more time to consider the service, please be assurred that
this is a genuine and relaxing experience.

Have you Ever had one of my Massages Before?

Then please remember 2nd and subsequent visits are cheaper.

If you enjoyed your first massage then your next one will be just as exhilarating with some different techniques.

Discretion, privacy, and client confidentiality assured.
As a professional service, client confidentiality is guaranteed as it is understood that individuals or couples who avail themselves of this service do so at their own volition & with the understanding that their privacy & identity is not disclosed to any other party by this masseur.

I do not request photos from clients nor do I provide photos of myself. Essentially this is a privacy issue and the protection of each person’s public identity and privacy. The essence of the London Massage service is the massage and what you will physical and sensually experience. The prostate massage london pleasure you seek and will derive is in the art work of my hands and body movements.

I do not chase or harass enquirers or clients to solicit business or follow-up appointments.
Individuals must make contact and sensual massage london arrange an appointment at their own volition.

I request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purposes. I also do the same.


Do you have any particular desires? Is my location very Near to you? Have you had this type of massage before?
Email me.

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